Jrc nrd 93 схема маршрута

Una sorta di «cavaliere del ponente ligure», lembo d’Italia che quasi si contrappone alla riviera Tirrenica, «dirimpettai» di un condominio chiamato radiotelegrafia. CIAO ULRICO AR VA Fabio Bonucci, IK0IXI — KF1B. The radio comes with the NVA-92 external speaker and a spare parts kit that includes fuse and relay hex socket screw keys. Used prices seem to be hitting the sky as well (no where but «up»). Also finding a sample that has not been aboard a boat or ship is a important point to concider. Not bad as the older NDH-515 (memory unit for NRD-515) only stored frequency.Nice S-Meter, But Not Lit / Sherwood SE-3 a No GoUnlike the NRD-525-535 and even with JRC’s NRD-545, the 93 has a good old standard S-Meter. I have yet to see it pin, and is very useful. Questa è una scelta progettuale condivisibile in pieno in un ricevitore di classe: essa penalizza un poco la sensibilità generale ma tutto vantaggio della IMD e della dinamica.

Next we have the BFO control and RF gain followed by the main tuning knob. To the right of the main tuning knob, you have the UP/DOWN slewing buttons. Coverage is 90.00 to 29999.99 kHz with 10 Hz display in LSB, USB, AM, CW, DSB (AM), FSK (RTTY) and FAX modes. Note that both the BFO control and the PBS have their own separate LED readouts in the large readout panel. Ham Radio operators review new sites every day since 1998, for potential inclusion in the Directory, and to evaluate the best place to list them.
From the left you have the S-Meter which like all JRC marine receivers is not illuminated. You have either a 3 or 6 khz as it came new. As usual for me the 6 khz was a bit too narrow for my tastes. But once in great awhile one does surface. The «Dimmer» is a control and not a bloody 2 or 3 step button, a big plus. Then S-Meter control toggles as well as headphone and separate speaker output jacks. Тест приемной части можно проводить на приемных малых рамочных комнатных антеннах — например по сигналам WSPR- Вам сразу все станет ясно. В профессиональной среде по миру давно хорошо известны например приемники фирм ROHDE & SCHWARZ, WJ, JRC, Hagenuk RX… Германия.

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