H схему kenwood ts 570 d

The accompanying analog meter provides S-readings, PWR, COMP, SWR and ALC information. The result is dramatic interference reduction not available in analog designs. The scan-hold function stops the scanning for 5 seconds. Персонал не несет никакой ответственности за последствия использования любых данных или схем, представленных на сервере, а также любые действия, повлекшие за собой выход из строя радиоаппаратуры.

Если кто подскажет где купить в реале (не в сети)- с меня пиво 🙂 Еmail: 8.01.2014 Продаем Антенные анализаторы RigExpert. АА-30 — 6800 руб., АА-54 — 9400 руб., АА-170 — 12500 руб., АА-600 — 19000 руб., АА-1000 — 26500 руб., АА-1400 — 34500 руб. Indeed, I observed that in conditions of heavy beating QRM, the AGC/TONE gives a worst result than switched off; it produces pulses or seem to increase the level of QRM ! This is maybe a physiological feeling but it produces real effects ! Then there is the digital Vu-meter. The front panel displays a numeric keypad, several push buttons and a multi functional knob (MULTI CH) associated with memories or scrolling menus displaying settings on the large LCD display. Usually a fast time constant is used for high speed CW, when receiving weak signals or when tuning rapidely. Ergonomy side Kenwood uses and abuses of its MULTI CH and scrolling text messages what is a very convenient. Excepting DSP slope that is apart from the other buttons, these controls might be placed on the same line instead of being placed in a square for a better hold in hand, always for a simple question of available space.
Another feature working in the other modes than FM, is the AGC control located in the middle of the left panel. It can be used to modify the time constant using by the S-meter to react face to a change in the input signal. Power output can be set from 5 to 100 watts. A preset auto antenna tuner and electronic keyer are built in. The two built-in pre-amps (one each for high band and low band) allow you to select better sensitivity or higher IMD performance, and the dedicated 7 MHz and 14 MHz bandpass filters deliver improved SW intermodulation rejection. Еmail: rz9an(*) 19.9.2010 Продам yaesu FT-10R радиостанцию за 2000 руб. в комплекте Авто антенна и зарядник (См.) Фото, характеристики (См.) Документация Тел. 8-912-310-01-63 Иван. Нужный журнал можно без регистрации скачать в нашей Бесплатной технической библиотеке. Motorola Spirit, Sport, and SP10 Frequency and «PL» DIP Switches. MS Word DOC, eng — 22kb Motorola McMicro 400Mhz version Service Manual. PDF, eng — 2.5mb. N-888. Инструкция по эксплуатации. BMP, eng — 872kb.N-888. Инструкция по программированию. BMP, eng — 663kb.

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